Classic Magic Wooden Mirror Booth with 2-in-1 Flight Case

RIM550/650 wooden mirror photo booth is the traditional photo booth model in event, and it has been sweeping over the world since 2016. Considering the improvement in convenience, RIM550/650 creatively combined the flight case and photo booth enclosure into one, thus it can be easier to move here and there with the casters.

Products Details

Parameters RIM550 RIM650
Height with wheels 137 CM / 53.9 INCHES 157 CM / 61.8 INCHES
Front Width / Back Width 78 CM / 30.7 INCHES 90 CM / 35.4 INCHES
Side Width (top) 25 CM / 9.8 INCHES 25 CM / 9.8 INCHES
Side Width (bottom) 55 CM / 21.6 INCHES 55 CM / 21.6 INCHES
Net Weight 53 KG / 117 LB 66 KG / 143 LB
Taking portability into consideration, we integrate the booth and flight case. On the surface of the photo booth, there is a coating with certain fire resistance, greatly increasing the safety in use. And the casters make sure the booth move easier in any directions. A. Aluminum alloy lock B. Photo door, puting printer inside the booth while taking away photos outside C. Camera stand inside the photobooth can easily fix the camera and adjust the angle of shooting
Photo Booth RIM550 Basic Set RIM650 Basic Set
Style No Need Ink
Weight About 14 KG
Brand DNP / Hiti
Interface USB2.0, TyPe B
Size W(322)*L(351)*H(281) MM
Model EOS1300D
Sensor APS Picture CMOS Sensor
Pixels 18 Million Pixels
Other 1920*1080 Full HD Camera
Mini PC
CPU Processor i7-4510U
Storage 8G + 128G Solid State Disk
Other Windows 10 Professional Edition, 64-Bit, Due to copyright issues, all computer systems are only trial edition
The wooden mirror selfie booth applies the infrared touch technology and there is up to 10 points touch. With the usb cable, it is easy to use and replace.For better use experience, we upgrade the TV inside the booth. Thus there will be better resolution and have more vivid images display.
RIM550 RIM650
TV Size 43 Inches 50 Inches
Panel Type Led Backlight Panel
Inherent Resolution 1920*1080 Pixels 3840*2160 Pixels
Standby Power ≦0.5W
ass (9)ass (4)ass (7)ass (10)ass (12)ass (8)ass (6)In order to make mirror booth better display, there is RGB led light strip in the basic package. The color of the light can be changed and controlled by smartphone and remote.Besides, there is high quality mirror that can make people check their pose but not affect the photo quality when taking pictures, and a free decorative wooden frame in gold that can make the booth to have a better look.

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